Itsabrama is known by every gallop(Racing) enthusiast in whole Scandinavia. He has won the først race on Øvrevoll on Täby, Jägerso and Klampenborg. He has marked himself internationally better than any other horse in Sweden though his winning in the Gr. 2 race Grosser Kaufhof- Preis in Germany and a second place in the Gr. 1 race Prix de la Foret in France. As five year old, Itsabrahma got a handicapnumber on 100, which is the highest number which can be given in Scandinavia. It is a record which yet has to be beaten. "It makes Itsabrahma to the biggest wonder since Hurricane" wrote Björn Eklund in the magazine Skandinavisk Galopp by the entrance to the new millennium.
Itsabrahma has marked himself in breeding good and stable race horses. He is  elected in Danish Warmblood and Trakehner Federation, and he has on the Agricultural Show in Roskilde(Denmark) received the show's best foal(a colt). It is always with deep respect and a certain reverence one meet Itsabrahma. This year we will like to arrange a meeting between Gunnar Nordling and Itsabrahma once again.