Mating price


Itsabrahma XX - DVH 913 - TAF 0702

Warmblods og Trakhnermares:


 1. payment by mating  1.000 Dkr.
 2. payment by oktober 1. if pregnant  4.000 Dkr.
 Discount by several mares  



Devils Drink XX og Itsabrahma XX

"Devils Drink foal ONLY thoroughbred mares"

Thoroughbred mares:


1. payment by mating 1.000 Dkr.
2. payment by oktober 1. if pregnant 4.000 Dkr.
Discount by several mares  



Itsabrahma XX



1. payment by mating 500 Dkr.
2. payment by oktober 1. if pregnant 2.000 Dkr.
Discount by several mares  





Foal mares a day 75 Dkr.
Open mares and maidens a day 65 Dkr.


Price is excluding VAT


General Conditions

  • Mares meet witout shoes

  • Swabtest is demanded of open mares, but not maidens

  • Mares are testet by teaserstallion

  • Static mares is testet for pregnancy on day 18-20 by stallion and they are scanned on day 21

  • The horses are put on seperate feilds every day if weater permits it

  • Food for your mares and foal can be brought with them

  • The vet i called if necessary and owner is informed

  • Stud accepts no responsibility for injury or illness

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